Room Buy Room: Cool Retreat


Sweet Dreams

Create a restful retreat in your nest by blanketing the bedroom in layers of white for a quiet, serene style. To keep the look clean, try varying the texture of whites to maintain visual interest. Punctuate the muted palette with soft but unexpected pops of color, like the ikat pillow, paneled blue door and elements of nature.


Artful Acrylic

The unmistakable silhouette of Louis XV style gets a dose of postmodern style while adding a modern twist to the bedroom.


Branch Out

Designed like metal gallery tables found in old 18th century greenhouses, this simple cocktail table adds sophistication and femininity.


Ruffled Feathers

Soft ripples of cotton voile come together to create a texture so cozy it envelops you in its ruffled waves.


Eye-Popping Pillow

For a look that’s high on style and easy on the wallet, we suggest this bold blue ikat pattern.


Hide and Seek

A hair hide rug adds unmistakable style and character to any floor thanks to refined texture and an imperfect silhouette.


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