Is The Lack Of Color “Boring”? We Say No Way!

Let me start by saying, I have always had an aversion to tons of colors in one room as a personal preference. My ideal room design is typically mono-chromatic with a hint of color in an accessory or in a fabric.  I have always felt that others thought it boring, LOL, but the minimalist in me has always liked a clean, simple design especially when you come home from a busy day.

I have had some great opportunities to “live outside the box” so to speak when designing my clients spaces.  I know some very colorful and artistic people and my ideal will just not fly with their design desires.  In this way, I don’t feel so BORING!!!

Here are some ideas on how to create a room or rooms with a simple, clean palette of white, cream, taupe, beige, brown & black without being, you know, Boring!

This first set of photos by  Henrik Bus Art House, shows a more urban, modern design.


Our next set of photos show a more French Country/Romatic design.

laden 2012 weihnacht 016   laden 2012 weihnacht 002

Here are some with a Classic Design



Here we have a twist on modern and classic mixed.


Ok, so I always say to my clients/friends “Don’t be afraid of Color!” When I say that I mean don’t limit yourself to bland surroundings.  Although these examples above are in LACK of color, it shows you can still have fun, be romantic, classic, modern, urban and even edgy without using a wild palette of color.

The most important thing is that you LOVE your surroundings.  Find your own space and taste and go for it.  If you follow your true self when dong anything in your life, you will feel great about it and your friends and such will see YOU come through in your design.  You can always contact me if you need a gentle PUSH!  🙂

Making our world beautiful one room at a time

Rande James, White Owl Market


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