Making Use Of A MCM Hutch Top. Get Creative!

We love taking a piece of furniture and redesigning it. 

Last week we had a customer want to buy a similar Mid Century piece but insisted that they did not want the top part of the hutch, just the bottom.  Since we are all about making our customer happy, we did just that.

Now we have a hutch top floating around our workspace, hmmmm…. what to do?

We my buddy Ken and I were standing and leaning on the hutch top talking about another project and BOOM, Ken said this could make a great bar.

Of course, I was in shock and great excitement to create this project.

Ken just started it immediately.  It is so great to be surrounded by other creatives.


Well here’s what we did.

We took the top of this,


and created this!




We still have some finishing touches to add, but this is it.

We built a base, added reclaimed wood to front and back, painted it grey ( still needs to be distressed) and skim coated concrete product to give it an concrete top look. ( much lighter in weight too)


It’s amazing what you can do with odd pieces, and we were just going to make a book shelf out of it….

Stop by and see it in real life

White Owl Market

683 Central Ave

St. Petersburg, FL.  33701



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