How your zodiac sign could be influencing your interiors

I thought it would be fun to share the idea that your zodiac sign could very well have something to do with the way you design your home. Thank you Vogue Australia for a whimsical look at home decor.

Rande James, White Owl Market

1/12 Photographed by Stephan Julliard

Say what you will about star signs, there’s something fun about toying with the idea that our lives are written out for us. From our favourite clothing items to the travel destinations we’re naturally drawn to, our zodiac might just have some hold over the things we hold dear. The same applies to our interiors. We enlisted the help of the The French Bedroom Company, whose experts — in both interiors and horoscopes — broke down each and every star sign and what they mean for our design aesthetic. From tidy and organised Virgo to elegant and traditional Capricorn, see how your interiors are written in the stars below. 


September 23 – October 22

Element: Air
Ruling body: Venus

Ruling the sign of Libra is Venus, making those with this sign fond of expensive, material things. Their lives and their homes need to be enriched by music, art, and any beautiful places they visit. Although they love luxury detailing and fabrics, a Libra desires a home that’s a balance of elegance and tranquility. To achieve this, unorthodox pairings such as chandelier lamps on up-cycled tables or fresh flowers in antique vases, are a common find. A Libra doesn’t want their space to be too over the top. Avoiding garish prints and modern designs, a Libra constructs themselves a peaceful home which they fill with elegant mirrors, scatter cushions and romantic paintings and prints, while their sought after colour palette is made up of Champagne pink, lilac and light grey. Any room decorated by this zodiac sign is sure to be a lavishly pretty boudoir that portrays absolute serenity and warmth.


Photographed by Kasia Gatkowska


August 23 – September 22

Element: Earth
Ruling body: Mercury

The efficient and practical Virgo needs their house to reflect their desire for organisation and simplicity. Keeping their colour palette neutral, earthy tones are loved by this sign as they allows them to feel calm and relaxed. However, for those willing to add a slight touch of colour, peach, light blue or olive green are common choices. A Virgo’s design style is one of minimalism qualities, avoiding mis-matched or thrifted furniture which, to them, represent mess. Wooden or tiled flooring throughout also mean their home can always be cleaned quickly, avoiding the antagonising idea of a cream carpet turning mocha. In a home where everything has a place, Virgos do their best to avoid adding clutter in the form of unnecessary trinkets and keep a consistent theme of artwork throughout the house so that each piece sits harmoniously together. A Virgo’s living space is perhaps not the most comfortable, but it is definitely one of the most peaceful and most satisfying to the eye.


Photographed by Anson Smart


April 20 – May 20

Element: Earth
Ruling body: Venus

Ruled by the planet of love and luxury, Venus, it’s no surprise that a Taurus’ home oozes romance. From their chosen colour palette of cream, soft pink, copper and gold to their elegant boudoir inspired furnishings, every element of their interior focuses on achieving the ‘wow’ factor they crave. This stubborn sign won’t settle for anything less than perfect. Quality is everything and even the smallest detail has to be flawless. Relaxing in style is what this sign does best, and as a sensual and tactile individual, touch is the most important of all their senses. Silks, velvets and cosy cashmere showcase the Taurus’ fine taste but also provide the comfort that is at the heart of all interior decisions this decadent personality makes. House-proud and hedonistic, a Taurus’ home is also likely to dazzle with a sophisticated French opulence made up of sumptuous furniture, mirrors and chandeliers.


Photographed by Kasia Gatkowska


October 23 – November 21

Element: Water
Ruling body: Pluto

Scorpio-born are passionate, determined and decisive and once they know what they want, will not stop until they have reached their goal. Scorpios have no interest in fad trends or artificial decor; they want the real deal and for their home to reflect their honesty and self awareness. As a result, those with this zodiac sign express their character by the details in their possessions and, intrigued by its history, are often drawn to mid-century gothic or industrial architecture. Dark colours such as emerald green and plum purple, and mixed textures including fur, silk and wood are much-loved, while a jungle of house plants are frequently found in Scorpio homes. This sign need to be submerged in nature – artificial plants or plastic furnishings are simply not good enough.


Photographed by Valentina Sommariva


November 22 – December 21

Element: Fire
Ruling body: Jupiter

Sagittarius is the philosophical defender of the galaxy who, armed with a bow and arrow, is a keen traveller, curious about the wider world and what it has to offer. This sign’s greatest treasure is their freedom and if they could, they’d bottle up a piece of every region they’ve ever visited to keep close to them. An adventurous Sagittarius needs to have everything they love on display, which makes their interior style hard to define. With clear bohemian influences however, a Sagittarius will gravitate towards natural materials and subdued colours. Mismatched jewelled tones, exotic patterns and prints and upcycled, hand-crafted furniture that’s been collected over time will be found in and around their home.  As much as this sign loves their humble abode, a Sagittarius is far more interested in the great outdoors. Maps of foreign lands take pride of place on their walls alongside souvenirs and postcards, which together continue to enlighten this zodiac on cultures from all corners of the globe, even when they’re at home. Those with Sagittarius as their star sign wear their heart on their sleeve and their home is a reflection of their wild character and obsession with our planet. 


Photographed by Anson Smart


February 19 – March 20
Element: Water
Ruling body: Neptune

The mind of a Pisces is a busy one, crowded with fantasies, questions and ideas, therefore they like to keep their home as calm and relaxed as possible to allow them to recharge their batteries when needed. As an artistic sign with a fine aesthetic eye, a Pisces’ home is a sanctuary of aromas, crystals and comfort – expect to find plants, salt lamps and furnishings with spiritual ties. Muted and earthy shades and subtle pink and peach tones are preferred over loud colours, while bold patterns and garish prints are avoided at all costs. A Pisces’ personal space is frequently so seductive it’s difficult for both visitors and Pisces themselves to leave. Simplicity is key to those with this zodiac, their imaginations are alone wild enough to light the room.


Photographed by Anson Smart


July 23 – August 22

Element: Fire
Ruling body: Sun

As the kings and queens of the jungle, a Leo is the life and soul of every party. Needing space to show off their indulgence in the finer things, a Leo designs their home as regal and as loud as themselves. Expensive textiles and deep colours, and of course gold highlights wherever possible showcase this sign’s flashy but classy taste. There is nothing minimal or simplistic about a Leo’s life or their interiors. These natural born leaders can find it extremely difficult to resist the things they want, which, in the home, can include oversized cushions made using the most lavish fabrics and large sofas or beds in rich, statement colours.  Leos won’t want you to leave their home so will have everything you need and so much more to entertain.



May 21 – June 20

Element: Air
Ruling body: Mercury

A Gemini’s changeable and open mind makes them creative and keen to communicate, and born with a wish to experience everything there is out there, a Gemini likes to submerge themselves and their home in memories and keepsakes. Every room in their home is different too; they have no distinct interior style but instead a collection of everything they love in one place. Eclectic and vibrant, old and new, a Gemini’s home is full of prints, trinkets and wall hangings, which all inject the bold, bright colours of the rainbow. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of technology, a Gemini must have the latest gadgets too. Despite finding numerous ways to store their many belongings, an inquisitive Gemini needs to be careful not to collect too much. Keeping a space clear will allow this indecisive sign to change up their home to their next desired style – which even they can’t keep up with. 



December 22 – January 19
Element: Earth
Ruling body: Saturn

A sign that represents time and responsibility, and is very serious by nature, Capricorn is often seen as the father of the zodiac.  With a timeless sense of style, Capricorns are big on traditional, comfortable home decor. Those with a Capricorn sign are attracted to furniture that has a stately feel – think large armoires, leather sofas, or cabinets full of crystal or fine china. Their style is not trend driven; they know what they like and it needs to be practical, economical and reliable.  Despite this, Capricorn-born individuals do still lust after elegant details to admire.This hard-working sign values great craftsmanship and hand-worked touches, and honours those who took time and patience beautifully building the furniture they’ve purchased. A Capricorn’s appreciation of quality and of possessions that stand the test of time makes their home a sanctuary that’s classic and heartwarming.


Photographed by Helenio Barbetta


June 21 – July 22

Element: Water
Ruling body: Moon

Like crabs, who rely on their hard exterior for protection, the home of a Cancer is their safe sanctuary. Sensitive and caring deeply about matters of the family and their home, this star sign is drawn towards quaint and cosy interior styles made up of one-of-a-kind, mismatched finds. Cancers have a  great eye for spotting rare and well desired reworked designs and antiques. When you step foot inside a Cancerian home, don’t be surprised to see photos of all of their loved ones too. These creative souls need their own treasure cove and often opt for a neutral colour palette with tiny aspects of silver, light pink and blue. Their comfy, clean home also pays close attention to every minor detail, from their cutlery to their soap dispenser. Loyal, thrifty Cancers would always choose to buy local than from the high-street too, as they admire the love and craftsmanship that goes into every unique piece they buy.


Photographed by Anson Smart


March 21 – April 19

Element: Fire
Ruling body: Mars

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries always mark the beginning of something new and exciting. A style conscious Aries is a firm believer in keeping their home a blank canvas – sticking to clean colours and avoiding permanent fixtures. This allows them to express the latest must-haves in the form of artwork or accessories and then change them up for the next on-trend innovation without any hassle. An enthusiastic and energetic character, an Aries needs to stay entertained, so ensuring their space is full of stimulation is important. This is achieved by including plenty of textures and avoiding dull colours wherever possible. Aries are drawn towards elegant, yet vibrant shades such as fresh oranges or deep blues, which sit harmoniously alongside timeless neutral tones. The life of an Aries is constantly filled with social engagements, however those with this star sign are also lovers of their own space. To create a haven perfect for Aries, think open spaces, large sofas and beds and private areas to which they can retreat.


Photographed by Anson Smart


January 20 – February 18
Element: Air
Ruling body: Uranus

Although they can easily adapt to the energy that surrounds them, Aquarius-born have a deep need to be alone and away from others in order to restore their power. This means it’s essential that their home is a haven of harmony and tranquillity. As the water–bearer sign, the Aquarius sign loves vibrant hues and colors of the ocean, like blue, green, violet and indigo. Their homes incorporate all elements of life too; often filled with vases and soothing Zen fountains. As an air sign, roomy space with lots of ventilation is dreamed of by an Aquarius too.  This sign’s design style is avant-garde and unconventional, yet also ensures the latest gadgets look right at home. Hand painted details, DIY fixtures and ridiculous patterns are at the core of an Aquarius’s home. This sign has a great eye for exciting artwork that provokes conversation too, and sometimes even their own work makes the walls. Thanks to ruling planet Uranus, Aquarius-born have a visionary quality. Capable of perceiving the future and knowing exactly what they want to be doing five or ten years from now, these interior designers are sure to choose something that will awaken and inspire them for years to come.


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